ISO 9001:2008 Certified
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Item #Type of machineQtyCapacityManufacturerFeatures
1Mechanical & Hydraulic Press433 tons - 300 tonsMinster,Greenerd,
Progressive Stampings,
Compound Dies, Blanking,Drawing,
Piercing & Forming Dies
2Press Brakes1010 tons- 150 tons
4' - 10' bed
Bystronics and AmadaHydraulic, Mechanical
& Servo
3Productions Lasers23/4" Thick Mild Steel
1/2" Thick Stainless Steel
1/2" Thick Aluminum
1/4" Thick Brass
60" x 120" Table
3,000 Watt Fiber Optic Laser
4,000 Watt CO2 Laser
4Turret Press133 Tons
40" x 100" Table
Amada54 Station tool holders
and Sheet Positioner
5Vertical Machining Centers1026" x 50" Max TravelOkuma, Mazak,,
64 Station tool holders
6Horizontal Machine Centers324" x 20" Max TravelOkuma,Haas64 Station tool holders
7CNC Turning Centers53" Dia thru Spindle Max
15 3/4" Dia Swing Max
Okuma,Haas,MazakLive Tooling With
Subspindle and Y Axis
8Conventional Milling Centers1225" Travel MaxBridgeport and TrakHorizontal and
Vertical Milling
9Manual Lathe515" Dia Swing Max.Cincinnati,LeBlond,
Engine Lathe and
Speed Lathe
10Drilling and Tapping 17Drilling: .005 - 1 1/2"
Dia Tapping: 1/2" thread Max.
Johansson and AllenDrilling,
Sensitive Drilling,
11Surface Grinding1136" Dia Table
10" x 18" table
Grand Rapids
Surface Grinding and
Form Grinding
12Wire EDM211.8" x 13.7" x 19.7"
Max Part Size
13Welding MIG & TIG15300 Amps MaxMiller and LincolnGMAW, GTAW
14Resistance Spot welder8150 KVA MaxSciaky and Peer3 Phase
15Resistance Butt welder130 KVA MaxSciakySingle & Multi Cycle
16CNC Seam welder88" TravelOmron and ParkerServo Secure Welders
17Shear1Up to 1/4" thick x 8' LongLodge and ShipleyPrecision Shearing
18Metal Conditioning Machines244" CubeStephen Bader,
Graining, Sand blasting
Vibratory Deburing
19Cleaning Equipment312" x 12" x 14"
Max Part Size
Acme FabUltrasonic Cleaning
20Cleaning Equipment18" x 24"
Max Part Size
Cleanomat and SpiratronWashing with Belt Feed
21Silkscreening124" x 36"
Max Work Piece Size
Riley HopkinsScreenprinting all Materials